About Us

KM Investor Relations is the leading and first Investor Relations agency in Israel. The Firm was founded in 1994 and includes a very skilled and experienced team which holds more than 50 years of experience on an aggregate basis, specializing in capital markets

KM’s clients include more than 60 Corporates, many are among the leading companies that are traded on TASE and other financial markets such as NYSE, Nasdaq & LSE. Among our clients: Azrieli Group, Ormat Technologies, Gazit- Globe, Alony Hetz, 888, Direct Insurance-Financial Investments and many others.

KM has a strong and long relationship with the institutional community and financial media entities in Israel which is based on years of working together with the investors, analyst, journalists and editors. The Company provides its clients a wide range of IR and PR services that are based on deep knowledge of our client’s business and its needs on one hand, and the investors and journalist on the other hand.

Over the years KM provided a variety of services to approximately 200 public and private companies and walked many of them through the IPO process and/or raising capital and debt.

Our work with the local media included over the years communicating good and exiting events and also dealing with more challenging events that can affect how a Company is perceived by the investor community.

KM devotes lots of attention to managing the expectations of the target communities while providing ongoing consulting regarding the interaction with the institutional investors. We believe that proactive activity from management is essential to achieve the desired results.